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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The best wedding favors are exercises in elegant simplicity, beautiful things are not too taxing to plan, make, or fit into the budget. With that in mind, we've taken a plain paper box and done it up in ten very different ways. All will delight the eye and even offer a bit of excitement (there's something inherently intriguing about a closed box). As for the contents, a handful of candy is all these charming favors need -- but you can fill them with whatever you like.
The boxes can be decorated to fit the mood of any wedding. The Glitter Top box helps create a formal tone, while the Polka Dot box lends a lighthearted touch. You can also vary our designs: The Color Block box can be created with sleek metallic or comfortable solid colors; the Scallop Top box, fancy with our ornate ribbon, becomes more casual with grosgrain trim.
Add a name tag, and the favors do double-duty as place cards. You can easily make these little gifts on your own over a few sessions. Or, with a bit of help from your friends, you can create them assembly-line style in one evening over night takeout: Have one person pink the fabric, another fold the boxes into shape, a third cut and tie the ribbons, and so on. By short time you suddenly realize that the favors will be ready.
Above: A basic cardboard box, two and a half inches square, makes an excellent favor when creatively transformed -- and filled with sweets, candy, eggs, muffin or cake.
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